No new pool for the Massapequa swim team

After months of debate and support from many people in Massapequa, the budget vote took place on May 15. The much anticipated aquatic center at Berner Middle School was in the mix and was voted down by the community.


This comes as a shock to many, since it is well known that the swim team travels to Brentwood, where gang violence is at a high, just for practice during the week. The new pool would have provided an easier and shorter way to practice, and overall more safe for the students.


According to Newsday, the aquatic center was rejected with a total of 1,818-3,423 votes.


The swim team members aren’t pleased with the communities decision to not have the aquatic center.


“I think that people were more concerned about the money aspect of it rather than the practicality of the pool itself. It’s frustrating knowing that all the time and effort we put into raising awareness about the pool situation went to waste,” senior Sean Maurer said.


The new aquatic center would have provided many uses to the community. The swim team would have had a more local place to practice and even the Berner students could have used it as a gym unit.


“Sure, I was never going to swim in it [the pool] anyways, obviously because I’m graduating, but it would’ve been nice to see the future swim team have a pool of their own,” Sean said. “The money from taxpayers would have eventually been worth it in the end.”


Many of the swim team members voiced their support for the pool, and were disappointed in the end result.


“The pool would have been a huge help to not only swimmers, but to the community and we were all disappointed that our efforts to encourage this pool did not prevail,” said junior Rachelle Casement.


Although the aquatic center won’t become a reality, the swim team will continue to go to Brentwood and bring MHS more wins in their meets.

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