A Look at the New Superintendent


Over the summer, the Board of Education hired our new Superintendent, Dr. William Brennan. With reassurance and measurable accountability, they employed Dr. Brennan, who not only fit all of the requirements  but also had an ideal background to become the perfect person for the role of superintendent. 

Dr. Brennan started his career as a middle school teacher, specializing in science. He then went on to teach high school computer and business classes. He “really enjoyed facilitating rich classroom discussions and challenging them [the students] to think in more divergent ways that sparked metacognition.” In addition, Dr. Brennan remarks that he enjoyed watching his students “develop their skills and push their limits on what was possible” in his computer and business classes.. 

It’s no secret that the past few years have turned the world upside down, and unsurprisingly, the Massapequa school district has been seriously affected by the pandemic.  Unprecedentedly, we were wearing masks and going online. This school year has been the first, since 2020, that we haven’t had the mask mandate. When asked how he and the administration are moving forward, Dr. Brennan believes “we have an opportunity to think more deeply about what WE value as a school district and community.” It is clear that he cares about the school district and wants to be there for both students and faculty throughout. 

Dr. Brennan wants to make the Massapequa school district a success. He is planning to launch a communication audit to “help gauge what we are doing well and where there might be opportunities for improvements.” Dr. Brennan thinks highly of communication leading to success for everyone. 

He announced two new initiatives: the Massapequa Minute, “a 60 second photo montage” that will be on the district website and the Instagram account, and Massapequa Moment, which focuses more on the “exciting experiences and activities that our students took part in throughout the month.”

Differentiating himself from former superintendents, Dr. Brennan has the ability to “work with multiple stakeholder groups to cultivate vision” through leadership and “modeling effective collaboration that arms to solve complex problems in innovative ways.”

Brennan places value in collaboration and wants everyone’s voices to be heard. He has experience in leadership development and helping the growth of more effective teams. 

It is clear that the new superintendent will do wonders for the Massapequa school district and community. He has the motivation and vision to grant the district  greater success by placing more importance on the faculty and the students themselves. 

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