Massapequa Safe Halloween


On October 23, 2022, Massapequa’s SADD club hosted its annual Safe Halloween event. Safe Halloween is where members of the club get together in groups and decorate a small section of the hallway based on a theme. There were many themes that were featured at Safe Halloween, including Among Us, Monster High, Pirates, Christmas, and Hawaii.. There was even a haunted house in the auditorium lobby. 


On Saturday, students and teachers worked for hours setting up decorations, separating candy, and transforming the hallways of MHS. On Sunday, students arrived at noon for yearbook pictures. An hour later, children of the community and their families were let inside. Upon arriving, the children were given a plastic jack-o-lantern bucket for their candy. They then got to walk through the hallways that had been decorated. The children got to ‘’trick-or-treat’’ at each theme. All the way at the end of the hallway, the children had the opportunity to take a walk through the haunted house. Once they were at the door, they could choose between five different levels of scariness. Level 1 being the least scary and level 5 being the most terrifying. Overall, it was a successful event and everyone had a great time. 


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