Madison Square Garden becomes Harry’s House


Harry Styles just completed his sold-out fifteen-night  residency at Madison Square Garden with each night being more memorable then the next. Each night was full of excitement. From his colorful outfits to many interactions with fans, Harry Styles was known for putting on a  memorable show. 

I was fortunate enough to attend two of these incredible shows, on August 20th, and August 21st. Both nights were absolutely phenomenal.! Before the show opened, there was a merchandise pop-up to purchase items, due to high demand. When you entered the venue, you were able to  receive merchandise at one of the many stands on all the floors. In addition, there are many fun photo ops both inside and outside the venue. After taking many fun pictures inside and outside the arena, you were able to purchase and get some Harry Styles inspired snacks. Cookies, pretzels and cotton candy were available. 

One of the main parts of the show that fans got excited about were  the outfits. Harry Styles’ shows were a fashion show. Fans came dressed in all sorts of different colorful outfits. Many of them resembled something that Harry Styles himself might have worn that night to one of the shows. Fans also looked forward to what Styles would wear that night.  Thanks to Harry’s stylist, Harry Lambert, he wore some incredible outfits. One of his most iconic outfits was from last tour in 2021. 

Styles also enjoyed interacting with fans. Fans brought all different types of signs to his concert, hoping for a notice. He made the audience laugh with his funny comments on the signs.  

Another section of the night fans hoped for is that he would sing his unreleased hit Medicine. He had sung it during some of his shows, so some were  very lucky if they’d  heard it.

On Wednesday, September 21st, Styles made history. The final show for his New York residency was an emotional and memorable night. Starting off with the arena itself, each fan in the audience received a feather boa, courtesy of Styles and his team. Later, Styles sang one of his hits from his first album, Ever Since New York. He had not sung this song since 2017, and fans were shocked and overwhelmed when he began to sing. Towards the end of the night, Styles was presented with a huge honor. He received a banner, showing how he played fifteen consecutive nights, presented by CBS Mornings host, Gayle King. This was a huge achievement as there were only two other legendary artists to have a banner hanging there; Billy Joel and Phish. There was not a dry eye in the arena. Emotionally, Styles expressed his appreciation whilst watching the banner go up in the air. 

“I’m gonna come back when everyone is gone and just sit and look at that for a while.”Harry Styles said regarding this achievement.

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