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Chorus and Orchestra students put on a show for senior citizens

Jacqueline Paduano, Staff Writer

January 14, 2020

On Monday, December 16, the orchestra and chorus held a very important event. Every year, the two music departments host a concert/dress rehearsal where senior citizens are invited to come to view their talents.  This event ...

The Mind and Psyche of The Joker

Billy Boye, Layout Manager

January 9, 2020

On October 4, 2019, DC Comics released the film Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character, detailing the origin story of the iconic Batman villain. Following a string of hit-or-miss films, Joker breathed a breath ...

Mario Kart Tour Racing in With Great Reviews

Mackenzie White, Copy Editor

January 9, 2020

Ready, set, race! The new Mario Kart Tour mobile game is finally available for download. This new and innovative kart racer game on iOS and Android is taking the world by storm and is not slowing down.  The game itself enca...

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal

Sean Penta, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

After all these years, Pokémon has maintained its spot as being not only one of the highest selling game franchises of all time, but one of the most powerful brands ever since it hit shelves in the late 90s. For more than 20 ...

Dog rescue club during the holidays and beyond

Mackenzie White, Staff Writer

January 29, 2019

Last year at MHS, students and staff saw many changes within the school, some being controversial and others beneficial to the community. Along with Syosset High School, MHS has started the Dog Rescue Club and it has become o...

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