Review: The Watcher

Review: The Watcher

This drama mystery series is about a couple, Nora and Dean, and their family’s $1.3 million dream home becoming their worst nightmare after receiving anonymous letters threatening their lives. 

Naomi Watts, who plays Nora Brannock, shows off her incredible acting. She really portrayed a terrified mother doing everything in her power to help her family.  Bobby Cannavale who plays Dean Brannock did phenomenal acting as well. He showed how much “The Watcher” was really affecting him a lot more than the rest of the family. This would make him very upset and angry and often caused breakdowns which then would lead to a family fight. 

In 2014, in Westfield, New Jersey, 657 Boulevard was receiving multiple ominous letters from someone identifying themself as “The Watcher”. The longer they stay in the house, the creepier the letters get. The plot moves fast enough to grasp the viewer’s attention.  The 7 episode series is filled with drama and leaves you hanging at the edge of your seat wondering who really is “The Watcher”. 

The family faces hard decisions in the series such as deciding to sell their house or to wait it out. They got their first letter while doing renovation on the new house. The family installed webcams, hired a private investigator, reached out to FBI agents, and eventually sought therapy and medication to help. 

Simply put, every character in the show is a suspect at one point and you see how “The Watcher” can really be anyone in disguise. The Brannocks have multiple creepy neighbors that don’t understand boundaries and always want a say in what the Brannocks do with their house.

Since the family was terrified with everything going on with their house, they decided to sell it for $959,000. They accepted a loss of $400,000 by selling it at this price. The family never discovered the identity of “The Watcher” and the case still remains unsolved. The director, Ryan Murphy, has also directed popular shows in the past such as, American Horror Story, Dahmer, Glee, and many more.

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