Chorus and Orchestra students put on a show for senior citizens

On Monday, December 16, the orchestra and chorus held a very important event. Every year, the two music departments host a concert/dress rehearsal where senior citizens are invited to come to view their talents. 

This event prepares students for the actual concert on Wednesday, December 18 and Thursday, December 19, but it also helps warm the hearts of senior citizens. The event is free and senior citizens are offered free snacks and beverages to settle in and enjoy the show. 

This event humbles everyone involved and is definitely something students look forward to. It instills a great feeling into the performers as they are bettering the days of individuals who might need it. 

It is taken seriously by the music teachers because not only do they want to see their students succeed, but they want to put on the best show for the guests. Since the concert is free entry, many students chose to bring their grandparents in as well to watch the performance, as the music is a great way to spread love, especially during the festive time of year. 

This event was extremely special and heartfelt for everyone involved because the students and staff were able to lift any stresses or underlying issues that the senior citizens might have, even for a moment, to just put on the best show and shower them with warmth. 

All around, the concert aims to give back to the senior citizens in the community annually, which prides everyone greatly to know that joy is being spread during the holiday season.

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