Bowling with the Chiefs: one on one with Teddy Woodworth


Massapequa is frequently associated with its excellence in sports, including varsity athletic teams such as football, baseball, and much more. A lost gem in this rough of greats is the varsity bowling team, which includes dedicated members such as Theodore Woodworth.

Theodore, more commonly referred to as “Teddy,” is a junior with a wide background in school athletics. Woodworth’s experience includes running for the cross country and winter/spring track teams, as well as participation on the varsity tennis team his sophomore year.

Multiple teammates of his past and present have described Teddy as a good teammate who helps others with their form and technique to make them a better bowler. Teddy is known to be hardworking, friendly, and consistently encouraging to other teammates  in order to help them persevere.

“[Teddy is] very mature and his skills have improved every year,” Varsity Bowling coach Jesse Meyer said. “Although he’s a junior, he has been seen as a veteran and his attitude has always been even tempered as he is someone who does not get frustrated. His teammates feed off of that as they look towards his personality.”

Teddy’s attitude shows the passion he has for all of his activities and that he can get the job done.

He has performed exceptionally well with a bowling average of 191.5, the second highest on the team, in a total of 19 games. Teddy’s skills show his talents and the mentality he has for the game with continuous high scores.

“I was originally inspired to join the bowling team by my brother, Benjamin, and sister, Evelyn,” Teddy said. “Both of my siblings had been a part of the bowling team which made me decide to pick up the sport when I was in fourth  grade. I was extremely competitive and was determined to make the team just like they did. When seventh grade came I was finally able to tryout for the sport and become a part of the team.”

Teddy feels he is the bowler that he is today because of his mentality and attitude towards life, which is to keep looking forward to the good things and never get caught up over bad experiences.

“I look at bowling in the same way,” Teddy said. “Many people have the problem where if they mess up, their mistake gets into their head which makes them do even worse. If I ever mess up, I don’t let it get me down. Instead, I look at my mistake and learn from it so that I do better in the future and the rest of my game”.

While bowling may seem to be an underrated sport, Teddy feels otherwise. “Bowling does deserve more attention as a sport. As a bowler, I can say from experience that our matches can become very competitive and very intense. As Coach Meyers always stresses, ‘every pin matters,’” he said.

Many bowling matches have been determined by a single throw of the ball where any mistake could make or break the team. As a spectator, bowling can be a rollercoaster of emotions which can really draw people into the game.

“Overall, I think bowling has a great mix of being both a fun activity but also an intense competition, which is why it should get more attention” Teddy said.  

Teddy believes the team can become even more successful in the future by continuing to look out for one another. Often times other teams have a problem in which some people only care about their own score, and at the same time have other people who are struggling and don’t know what they are doing wrong.

“When it comes to our team, we all recognize when somebody has a problem they don’t know how to fix. We help one another fix these problems, and when somebody is having a bad game, we help get their head back into the game. As a team we strive off of one another and focus on the team before the individual” Teddy said.

Teddy believes he has become a great bowler on the team because of the belief he has in his teammates, coaches, and that the willingness to succeed drives the entire team to become the best they can be.

“For those people who are interested in bowling, you should definitely give it a shot,” Teddy said. “Even if you have never bowled before there will still be a place for you on the team. The bowling team is the perfect opportunity to compete on an amazing team and have a great time.”

Theodore Woodworth has become an up and coming athlete for all of the teams he has competed on in the past, and he is currently  making his mark for the bowling team. Through his success and personality, he has become a stand out figure in the MHS community.

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