Mario Kart Tour Racing in With Great Reviews

Ready, set, race! The new Mario Kart Tour mobile game is finally available for download. This new and innovative kart racer game on iOS and Android is taking the world by storm and is not slowing down. 

The game itself encases everything anyone could want in a mobile racing game. As you make your way through the game, you can gain new characters, cars, and accessories.  You collect coins and rubies as you race, receive prizes when you log into the game, and receive gifts as you get better at the game.  

When tasked with making Mario Kart Tour, there was a lot on Nintendo’s plate to take in; such as how the game controls would work, the graphics and how to integrate real life currency into the game.  Thankfully on their part, the game controls  run rather smoothly with crisp visuals even for a mobile game. However, not everything can be considered great for Nintendo’s newest hit.

If there is one major problem that players have with Mario Kart Tour, it’s the prices within the game. To download the game, it costs a measly $0 and 0 cents, but the in-game buying options are another story. For example, one can buy a 10 pack of rubies for $5.99 or maybe one chooses to spend their $5 on their very own Gold Pass. These features can help you gain bonus points in the game or buy new cars, characters, and accessories. 

Like many other mobile games, using real life currency is nothing more than an option, but for those who don’t want to spend the money, the game is an absolute slog. One must play relentlessly to keep up with those who spend up to $40 a time on Mario Kart Tour, or else they’ll be nothing more than the racer who finished in last place.

While this can be a struggle for some players, those with a less competitive spirit can enjoy the fun graphics and challenges that come with this game. The critics seem to agree with this. 

The reviews for the game are in, the game has scored extremely high ratings all across the board, with Google Play ranking it a 4.4 out of five and Apple Store giving it a 4.8 out of five. Nintendo could not have asked for better ratings than these ones. 

 Nintendo has done an impeccable job in providing people all across the world with a new way to play Mario Kart. The game that many people remember from their childhood is now available on mobile devices. So wherever you are, be ready to race. 

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