What it’s like behind the scenes at Jones Beach Theater


Christina Signoretti

A summer unlike any other

Christina Signoretti, Staff Writer

Like every other 16 year old, it was a challenge to find a summer job that both interested me and wasn’t too far from my house.  Luckily enough, I was able to find the perfect one that not only made me content, but also felt more like a night out than a job.  Jones Beach Theater hires a certain amount of new ushers each summer, and this year, I happened to be one of them.  

When I found out that I got the job, a staff meeting was held on the stage at the theater to show all of the new staff just how easy it is to fit in at such a famous place.  Looking out at the empty arena gave me goosebumps. I could not believe that this was my summer job.  I could not believe that I was seeing the same view that so many famous people have raved about.  Being an usher was one of my favorite past times during this summer because I got to see how the spectators at the concerts reacted to their favorite bands and artists.  Turning around 360 degrees each night I worked left me with high spirits and unforgettable smiles.

Music has always interested me, and working at Jones Beach Theater has shown me the side of it that helps make others happy.  I don’t enjoy anything more than when I see groups of kids smiling as wide as they possibly can as they wait for their favorite artist to come on stage.  Or how even the shyest people can blossom into who they truly are as they get lost in meaningful songs. Or how it was so easy to turn my colleagues into my family.

All in all, finding the perfect summer job and being on the other side of concerts has defined so many new emotions for me. From serenity to hope, all forms of emotions are shared and transferred when at Jones Beach Theater. I can say that working there was the best decision I made all summer, and I can’t wait for next summer.

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