The Affordable Art Show Makes its Way to NYC


After a prolonged and repetitive year, New York will be reopening and continuing art fairs city-wide. Due to the peak of the pandemic, artists from New York struggled in efforts to display and sell their art for months. 

Some New York artists rely on art fairs to make a living; without these sorts of opportunities to have thousands of people view or purchase their art, artists were puzzled at the thought of when they would have a chance to sell their work again. Along with the selling aspect of art fairs, the gratitude that artists receive from having the admiration from tourists and locals would also be scarce. 

One of the main factors that make art fairs successful is the pricing. Art, especially done by hand, takes time and motivation. This can be tedious, which very well justifies the price of just about anything that takes as much creativity as designing beautiful pieces of art.

This year in New York City the“Affordable Art Show” will be brought by the Art Dealers Association of America. This event will be held at the Park Avenue Armory in early November of 2021.

To those in NYC who don’t have tremendous amounts of money to spend, it could mean an opportunity to purchase art at not so high costs. 

This differs from most art fairs held in New York because, for art fairs in the Javits Center, pieces are sold at top dollar to millionaires who have 15,000 dollars to spend on large-scale paintings, which doesn’t account for everyone.

Affordable art fairs are a way for people to view designs, prints, paintings, and sculptures. Along with this, people can finally socialize with other art enthusiasts and indulge in purchasing art for lower costs. 

Aside from the “Affordable Art Show,” the Volta New York show and the “Object & Thing” show are happening later this year into next year. 

Overall, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months with New York art fairs. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel for residents of New York and aspiring artists who desire to share their work with the world. 

New events will be continued as New York City reopens and as things shift back to normal. As we move forward in efforts towards a normal year, all we can hope for is the best with events like these. 


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