The Multigenerational Story that Captivates Audiences All Over the World


Since 1987, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has been captivating audiences all over the world. Originally a manga written by Hirohiko Araki, the popular series became animated in 2012 by a studio called David Production. Today, about 131 volumes (spanning eight parts) have been written, and five of those parts have been animated in their entirety. Lately, there have been some exciting events related to the anime; Part Five came to Netflix on November 1st, and Part Six is currently being released globally, having started in December.

JJBA is a multigenerational story that follows a family with supernatural powers as they clash against the forces of evil; each of its eight parts is about a different member of the bloodline, many of which are descendants of previous protagonists. Despite its appearance as a series centered around fight scenes, there is so much more to it. The plot is amazing, the characters – heroes and villains alike – are three-dimensional and well-written, and the series defies several stereotypes that are commonly found in the media. The anime’s soundtrack is also a masterpiece, with music that fits each character and scene to perfection.

Part Five: Golden Wind, which was released in anime form in 2019, recently came to Netflix, as previously mentioned. It is about a teenager named Giorno Giovanna who joins the Italian mafia in order to take down its boss, who is responsible for a deadly drug ring. This was great for JJBA fans, who often had difficulty accessing Golden Wind due to its lack of presence on streaming services. 

Part Six: Stone Ocean is about a young woman named Jolyne Cujoh, who must escape a prison filled with enemies and danger after she was framed for murder. Jolyne’s voice actor, Ai Fairouz, has been a longtime fan of JJBA; Part 6 in particular. “Whenever I had trouble fitting in or had a rough time growing up, I got strength from this series,” she said in August. “I was especially inspired by Jolyne. Seeing her helped me overcome hardship.” 

Fairouz had become a voice actor in the hopes of playing one of Jolyne’s allies once Stone Ocean was animated; “I didn’t think I had the strength to play a strong woman like Jolyne myself.” To her surprise and excitement, she ended up getting the role. Despite very little content being released at that point, the JJBA fans believed that she was a good fit to play Jolyne.

Following a Netflix pre-release of the first 12 episodes on December 1st, episodes of Stone Ocean have been released on Japanese TV channels every Friday starting on January 7th. Fans speculate that after these 12 episodes are released on TV, new episodes will be released in subsequent weeks, which would start in April based on the current pattern.

So far, Stone Ocean has been captivating, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger after its first batch of episodes. In Part Six, like previous seasons of Jojo, concepts such as family, loyalty, and the battle of good vs. evil have played important roles in the plot. The well-written storyline and fantastic animation have never ceased to amaze.

While waiting for more episodes of Stone Ocean, fans can watch its current episodes (as well as the first five parts on Netflix), and they can read the manga and wait in excited anticipation for its additions and their eventual debut in animated form.

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