The Chief Recommends “Little Fires Everywhere”

The Chief Recommends Little Fires Everywhere

Natasha Lichtwar, Sports Editor

Within the country’s first planned town, Shaker Heights, Ohio, two families come together through twisted relationships and unveil their deranged lives in such a prestigious, perfect town. 

Written by Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere tells the story of the Richardson family and their relationship with their tenants, single mother Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl.

The Richardson family, Lexie, Trip, Moody, and Izzy, all connect with Pearl and are fascinated by Pearl and Mia’s ability to adapt and their open-minded ways. 

Being flexible in Shaker Heights is very uncommon since most inhabitants are routinely and prim. Mia and Pearl’s presence in Richardson’s life makes them question what’s right and wrong. They learn that there are no simple answers in life and you can benefit from dealing with the unknown.

Ng does an impressive job at twisting various experiences of the characters that let the reader get to know them well. 

Various themes are developed throughout the novel including guilt, regret, a mother’s love for her child, the power of friendship, and recklessness. 

It’s a great Hulu show as well! The first episode premiered on March 18, 2020.

This would be a great book to pick up for readers who are interested in going through a ride of twists and turns at every corner.  A great recommendation for any book club that wants to talk about the power of community, friendship, and figure out the mystery in the end.  Many people can relate to the woes of a small town. 

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