The Ins and Outs of Paris Fashion Week 2019

Cameras flashing, avant garde looks walking down the runway, and celebrities lining the audience were just a couple of details from this past Paris Fashion Week. Designers like Michael Kors, Valentino, and Versace are just a few labels that were featured. 

Paris Fashion Week is held twice a year after Milan and New York’s glamorous shows, finishing off the industry’s debut. Hosted by the French Fashion Federation, these shows exclusively view brand new, seasonal looks worn by the highest paid models in the world.

Some of these models include Kendall Jenner, Sophie Richie, Gigi Hadid, and Kaia Gerber. As these pristine models strut the runway wearing these untouched looks, Celebrities are attracted to the glamour and beauty presented to them. These celebrities arrive at events simply because they will be able to wear these looks right off of the runway and to their own events and wardrobe in the near future.

Some styles that were featured were playsuits, bell-shaped skirts, and coat dresses. One popular brand, Chanel, topped off the week in the pursuit of showing off their Spring 2020 ready-to-wear designs. Chanel is one of the most anticipated shows and is always placed at the end of Fashion Week.

The Chanel runway’s looks may have been unforgettable, but the new forefront of fashion for Spring and Summer 2020, are all things 70’s. Designers are taking the oldies look from past decades, and are creating new clothes that attract the public eye, but also have a touch of tradition.

Some of the 20th-century outfits featured at the show included polo shirts, crochet dresses, and denim. These are just some of the new and improved pieces that are circling back into the Bohemian chic glory that many designers miss from the 70’s era.

As this decade allowed people to be fashionably free, it also allowed society to express themselves through their clothes during the time of controversy. This was a time where many had fought for equality and were shaken by the times of the Watergate political scandal during the term of President Nixon. As designers today are exemplifying the retro designs through their new looks, the freedom to express their viewpoints on world issues is truly evident. 

Not only were the models that strut the runway in these breathtaking wardrobes an astonishing experience for viewers, but the overall presentation was what made Paris Fashion Week a show that cannot be missed. 

While clothing brand Saint Laurent awed the audience and flaunted the world-famous Eiffel Tower, Christian Dior made a political statement about climate change.

Industries are going above and beyond to catch a viewer’s eye. From wearing dramatic headpieces to accessories as big as umbrellas, these designers are willing to do anything to one-up their multi-million dollar competitors.

A notable brand, Balenciaga, even used prosthetics as part of their model’s makeup routine to create a unique look for their retro use of “power dressing.” A common fashion choice in the late ‘70s and early to mid-‘80s to create a more masculine and strong silhouette for working women. Power dressing involved heavy use of shoulder pads and created a sense of confidence at work in a time when men were still dominating the workforce.

As decades are recirculating back into the 21st century, designers are working in the world of fashion to transform these vintage looks into artwork that society can wear today strutting down their own runway, or even make a political message. Though it may be over, Fall Paris Fashion Week 2019 was a sight to be seen.

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