Embracing Changes With a New Perspective


While 2020 has been a crazy year to say the very least, it is with great pleasure to open up the 2020-2021 school year with positive change. Faculty and students expect many changes as this school year brings new opportunities after months of uncertainty. 

Notably, one of our biggest changes this year in our MHS community is the arrival of our new Principal, Mrs. Barbara Lowell. After graduating from Massapequa High School, Lowell went on to become a substitute teacher in 1996 right after college and later served as Dean of Students in Berner Middle School. 

Mrs. Lowell is excited about the change in scenery after working in the Berner for some time now. She has gotten the opportunity to see many recognizable students grow into their interests and maturity. Already knowing many of the faculty and staff has given her the upper hand in navigating Massapequa High School. 

After working with the middle school students, Mrs.Lowell understands that this is the time to become more goal-oriented and a time of making important decisions will affect the rest of our lives as students and beyond, whatever that may bring.

Although this school year has already proven itself to be troublesome and with its hardships and challenges, our principal tries to convey the power of positivity through all situations. She utilizes the quote “Don’t count the days, make the days count!” to remember the vast number of ways an optimistic outlook can change a situation. There is an underlying hope that the real highlights of high school may be experienced during such an unprecedented time while maintaining a safe environment for all students.

Falling into a practical routine is made nearly impossible this year, but Mrs.Lowell reminds us, “MHS is a fun and exciting place, you can feel its power in the hallways and classrooms and now, even on Google meets! The faculty and staff are great and the students are what it is all about.  The COVID-19 pandemic has not changed any of that!” Although things like pep rallies, homecoming, and other regular school events are not in the tentative plan of this school year, we are determined to be sure Massapequa’s pride in sports and music will not stop in the four walls of the building.

There is still access to many clubs which happen mostly virtually. There is the ASL club, SADD, Best Buddies, Mock Trial and of course The Chief to name a few. Mrs.Lowell is so excited to see these clubs do their work in our school and community.

Lowell also expresses her enthusiasm in “giving this year a chance” although it is not what everyone has dreamed of, especially for seniors. Sometimes something different can open your horizons to new opportunities and give new insight to experiences. 

Being a high school student means that as a student body, there is the opportunity for great accomplishments in the near future and our principal is a great reminder of that. Being a Massapequa High School graduate herself her greatest accomplishment is becoming principal of such a wonderful school. “I am so lucky to work with such wonderful professionals here and to meet such an enthusiastic student body.” Lowell enthuses.

The new addition this year to our faculty is exciting and grand, to say the least. Mrs. Lowell’s enthusiasm and new perspective should make some amazing additions to our 2020-2021 school year.


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