Massapequa High School’s 2021 Pep Rally


Last year was tough for all students in Massapequa High School, especially students on sports teams. Because of Covid-19, the football season was pushed to March rather than starting in September. Late start or not, having a football season was exciting  for the students in Massapequa High School. But because of Covid-19 restrictions, sadly pep rally and homecoming were cancelled. 

Along with this, the student section was limited to only seniors that had “student passes”. Entering the 2021/2022 school year, the faculty and staff had made it their goal  to make this school year as normal as possible, starting with the biggest day for most students, pep rally. The JV and Varsity sports teams were excited to get the recognition they didn’t get last year. The cheerleading and kickline teams were excited to make up for the year they missed. 

On Friday, September 24 2021, the entire school came together in spirit to support the football team for their big homecoming game, which was on Saturday. Due to weather conditions and Covid restrictions, the pep rally was held in the gym for only seniors and varsity teams to watch, whereas the underclassmen stayed in their ninth period classes watching the pep rally on a live stream. 

The pep rally started with a performance from the band and color guard that was then followed up with the announcements of the fall varsity sports teams. The senior cheerleaders and the kickline girls were lined up along the entrance and cheered on all varsity teams that entered the gym. 

The Girls Varsity soccer team was announced first, followed by: Boys cross country, Girls varsity tennis, Boys varsity volleyball, Girls varsity volleyball, and Girls varsity cheer. Following the announcement of the varsity teams, the girls varsity cheer team performed their pep rally routine which involved a lot of stunting and tumbling.  After the routine, the varsity team announcements continued. 

Next up were the girls swimming team, Girls cross country, Boys golf, Girls varsity field hockey, Boys soccer team, and the 2021 Kickline team. The kickline team showed off their talent during their pep rally routine, and amazed the class of 2022. 

Finally, the boys varsity football team was announced, making Massapequa High School excited for the homecoming game. Knowing the team was 2- 0 made the rest of the school  hope for another win. Fortunately, the boys led Massapequa 3 – 0 at the Homecoming game, making the school excited for the season to come.  

Shortly after, it was time for the infamous, “Pie in The Face” conducted by the Massapequa cheerleaders. Students were allowed to vote on anyone they chose, as long as they paid $1.00. One student, one teacher, one cheerleader, and one football player were chosen by the students at MHS and were then pied in the face by one of the cheerleaders. 

Alec Solik was the chosen student and was pied by Savanah Diaz, Angelina Sci pied Ms. Mosier, and Caroline Arent pied her twin sister, Kelly Arent. Lastly, the football player chosen to be pied, Nick Blitz, was pied by his twin sister Sam Blitz.  

As the pep rally came to an end, the students of Massapequa High School were excited for the homecoming parade and game that followed the next day. This was some sense of normalness for the students, since the 2019-2020 school year was abruptly cut short. And the 2020-2021 school year was either online or in-person. 

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