The MHS Marching Band is Back

In mid-August, 2021, Massapequa High School held its annual Marching Band Camp for the first time since before the pandemic. Over the course of three days, students reviewed the music they would be performing that fall and went over how to march. This year’s seniors had prior experience from the fall 2019 marching band season, but for the juniors and sophomores, this was their first time. “I think it’s a really refreshing experience because that means we get to play because I didn’t play last year at all, and neither did a lot of other people,” says sophomore Gabby Montalvo. “Even the people who did play had a very limited experience, so I think that marching band this year has been very, very beneficial for a lot of students.”

Each year, the marching band plays songs that fit a theme, such as DC music and classic rock. This year, the theme was Disney. There are two pieces: “Disney’s Magical Marches,” which is a medley of three well known Disney songs, and “Fantasmic,” which is a snippet of a larger show of the same name that takes place in Disney World itself. The band is led by Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Dwork, as well as drum majors David Carrol (Senior) and Arianna Surrow (Junior). The color guard, a group of students who perform impressive flag routines, is led by Mrs. Gropf.

In the beginning of the school year, the marching band learned the music and marching routines. They performed pep music for Massapequa High School’s football team at every home game and during the playoffs. They also performed at the high school’s pep rally, the homecoming parade, and two halftime shows. Since the football team won the Nassau and Long Island championships, the band was able to perform through an entire football season, which hasn’t happened in nearly 30 years.

At the end of marching season, the band split into Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, but they will be performing in the Memorial Day Parade in the spring. For the students, it will be everyone’s first time participating in this parade, as COVID-19 has kept them from doing so for the past two years.

“I love the fact that it’s about teamwork. It only works if everyone’s on board,” says Mr. Dwork. “It will break down very quickly if we’re not working together as a team, so to me, that’s what I love about it. I love the fact that we have to be in sync musically, mentally, physically, throughout the whole experience.”

Marching band is truly memorable and fun, and its return has brought positivity to currently difficult times.

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