A Dive Inside Massapequa’s Broadcasting Department

Unlike most schools across the nation, Massapequa High School has a Broadcasting Department that offers courses for all grade levels as well as extracurricular opportunities.  

Recently, these classes have gained popularity since many students want the opportunity to speak on the morning announcements and do fun projects with their peers. In the past, there were only a few students involved in the broadcasting classes but now,  there are over 20 students enrolled in Broadcasting I & II and Broadcast Journalism.

At Massapequa High School, Broadcasting I & II and Broadcast Journalism are available for the students to take. Mr. Mulholland teaches Broadcasting I & II, and Ms. Lindo teaches Broadcast Journalism. 

In Broadcasting I & II, students choose topics and learn to create original audio and video productions. “The students leave the class knowing how to edit using the professional program Adobe Audition and gain confidence in scriptwriting and sharing their voices with an audience,” said Mr. Mulholland.

On the other hand, Broadcasting Journalism furthers the knowledge attainment of the broadcasting experience. Interestingly enough, many students believe that this Broadcasting class that meets the first period only conducts the morning announcements. However, that is not the case. Ms. Lindo exclaimed, “Broadcast Journalism is more than the announcements. The students make commercials, analyze media, conduct interviews, and much more. It is a great opportunity for students to be creative.”

Often, students take broadcasting classes to enhance their public speaking ability. Senior Lucas Marsh, who takes both the Broadcast Journalism class and participates in the Broadcasting Club, said, “I took Broadcast Journalism because I wanted the opportunity to become a more confident speaker in an exciting and fun program.”

Additionally, some students took Broadcasting I & II to get the opportunity to create fun projects with their peers. Junior Will Carmenaty states, “I chose to take the Broadcasting classes  and be a part of the [Broadcasting] Club as well because it is a great opportunity for all students to share their interests with other students and create projects that are enjoyable to make.”

On the bright side, these classes can certainly help students become more comfortable with public speaking. “In the past, public speaking was a challenge for me. Now, I am a much more confident public speaker after taking a broadcasting class at Massapequa High School,” said another Broadcasting student.

In addition to the broadcasting classes, students interested in playing music on the loudspeakers in the morning while everyone walks to class have the opportunity to join the Broadcasting Club. Every Wednesday after school with Mr. Mulholland, students discuss their music choices and learn how to broadcast them to the school.

For the most part, the Broadcasting I & II and Broadcasting Journalism classes leave the students with the fundamental principles of Broadcasting. Students in these classes work hard to project their work to the school. As stated by Ms. Lindo, “we leave Studio 131 knowing how to communicate our ideas to others and how to collaborate as a team. The Broadcasting Department is a huge part of the MHS community.”


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