Reflection of Mrs. Conte’s impacts on the MHS community

Sophia Theodorous, Staff Writer

Walking down any hallway at MHS you’re sure to find Ms. Marianne Conte somewhere along your journey. From Personal Money Management, Video Production, 21st Century Business Skills, Keyboarding/Study Skills, Restaurant and Hotel Management, Desktop Publishing, Career Connections, and Career and Financial Management and currently teaching: Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Sports Marketing, PC Applications, and College Marketing she is sure to be found all over.


If that list was not enough, she has also contributed to Massapequa School District with her participation in extracurricular activities. As a Co-Advisor of the Trading Post, an Advisor of the Fashion Club, and a long standing member of the Massapequa Partnership for Career Development Advisory Board the years she spent at MHS were with numerous contributions.


“My favorite and essential life lessons that I have taught my students are related to stress management, time management, and decision making” said Ms. Conte. Her students and their well being are always her number one concern.


Growing up, Ms. Conte did not know that her life would lead her to teaching. “Growing up I was always intrigued by the entertainment industry and wanted to be an actress or a dancer,” she said. As the years went on, she realized that she truly wanted to help and teach others so she pursued education.


Managing being a full-time mother, a PTA member, holding various sales and marketing positions and being a part time college student, Ms. Conte made it work. She earned her degree for teaching and began her journey as an educator.


Ms. Conte was a business and health educator before becoming a teacher in Massapequa School District. She worked at Alfred G. Berner Middle School as well as the main campus of Massapequa High School.


Leaving behind some advice for future teachers, Ms. Conte says, “You have the ability to shape the minds of our youth! Be a strong leader and role model… Respect and love them for they will only be in your care a short time but will forever remember how and what you’ve taught them.”


The remembrance of all of Ms. Conte’s accomplishments is admirable. “The students and staff members at MHS will be missed the most,” said Ms. Conte.


Yet, her students will argue they will miss her more.

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