Sophomores declassified: back to school survival guide

Tip #1:

Don’t be afraid to make friends with upperclassmen. At first they might look intimidating, but chances are they are not going to bully you and take your lunch money like in the movies,  because they are there for the same reason you are  — to get an education.

Tip #2:

Always do your homework. Although it might seem cliché, it is senseless to lose points on your final average for something that could be finished within minutes.

Tip #3:

Be nice to all your teachers because they are here to help you —it is one thing to be the class clown but it’s another to be flat out disrespectful. Additionally, you will eventually have to ask two of your teachers for recommendation letters for college; be the type of student that they would be glad to write about.

Tip #4:

Have your own school supplies. Nothing is more irritating than the kid who always needs to borrow a piece of looseleaf paper or a pencil.

Tip #5:

Never wait to do an assignment the night before it is due. Hey, we have all been there, but the feeling of realizing you have no idea how to login to or write a works cited is one of the absolute worst.

Tip #6

Join a club. Being around people who have similar interests as you is a quick and easy way to make friends and get involved. Even if you do not know how to speak Italian or knit, you may surprise yourself if you try it out.

Tip #7

It is pointless to worry about popularity. Later on in life, it will hardly matter who dated who, or who went to what parties in high school. Just be yourself.

Tip #8

Go to school events. It may seem lame to be excited about homecoming or a pep rally, but that is what high school is all about. High school is a place to make memories, and school is the perfect place to start.

Tip #9

Start studying for tests early. You may think you understand everything in class, but your teacher will not be there with you when you’re cramming the night before.

Tip #10

Cherish moments in these next couple of years as much as possible. Before you know it, your high school career will be over.

Tip #11

Take a lot of pictures. Whether you are at a school event, or just hanging out with your friends, taking pictures is a great way to document your teenage years. Having pictures will allow you to look back years from now and remember what you were like as a teenager.

Tip #12

Get used to square dancing. If you love square dancing, lucky for you! You will have to do it for the rest of your time in high school. However, for the rest of the people that hate it, learn to have fun with it. Everyone has to do it, so make the most of it. Go to “Shindig in the Barn” and make the best of the activity!

Tip #13

Put down the phone. Sure, when you enter MHS, it is nearly impossible not to see people staring down at their phones in the hallway. However, using your phone could also cause you miss out on making great memories, meeting new people, and could also lead to trips and slips.

Tip #14

Walk in the hallway. Nothing is worse than a person who stops to talk to their friend in the middle of the hallway. It causes unneeded traffic in the hallway, and it could cause kids to walk in late to class. If you want to talk to your friend, go to the side and let kids in the hallway pass you by.

Tip #15

Make smart choices. Whether it’s health-wise or friend-wise, always listen to the little voice inside your head that tells you if something does not feel right. Being a teenager is a time to make mistakes and learn from them, but also listen to yourself rather than other people.

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