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Loss or Lost: The melancholy end to a beautiful season

Joey Milano, Contributor

February 7, 2017

A second chance is rare to come by. A second chance, when it comes to sports, could be considered nearly impossible. The MHS boys soccer team had another shot to make it on the banner hanging high in the gymnasium. The potential...

Rumors and conspiracy theories about the 2016 presidential candidates

Anthony Patruno, Staff Writer

October 31, 2016

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both found ways to earn their respective nominations for this year's presidential election, there are many rumors and theories circulating about both candidates ranging from how legit thei...

The Libertarian party: Gary Johnson

Sydney Freeman, Staff Writer

October 31, 2016

Due to the upcoming election, MHS students are learning about alternative candidates to the two main party figures.  One such alternative is former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Gary Johnson. Both major party candidates of th...

Horoscopes for the week of October 24

Isabella Italiano and Laura Francavilla, Columnist

October 24, 2016

Aries (March 21 - April 19) - This week, a creative urge you didn’t know you had will present itself and your  true individuality will  be revealed. On Friday, a new friendship may arise, but it has the power to negatively impact your l...

Unwind with some tunes

Christina Signoretti and Liam Higgins, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

September 21, 2016

After a long summer filled with fun and relaxation, returning to school for a year of stress and hard work can be quite painful. In order to stay happy and healthy, it’s important to destress as much as possible. Here’s a...

Ten tips for tenth graders

Alexandra Doulos, Editor-in-Chief

September 21, 2016

Get organized early and hit the ground running! It is often easier to earn higher grades earlier in the first semester between returning signed class rules and regulations, handing in your summer work on time, and Connect ...

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