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Jones Beach Theater rocks the summer for another season

Rachelle Casement, Copy Editor

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On a beautiful hot summer day, what can be better than listening to your favorite music as the lights from the stage shine out on the crowd? The crowd roars with you as your favorite artist steps out in front of thousands of people.

To make it even better, the sparkling blue water surrounds you as the sun beams down on it.  The sun begins to set, making it a perfect night. You can find this at the Jones Beach Theater, and they have a new lineup for this summer.

This year, popular bands and artists are expected to play at the venue including Florida Georgia Line, Train, Muse, Boston, Luke Bryan, OneRepublic, and others. No matter what genre of music you like, all performances are very promising this summer.

Not only are the performances spectacular, but the views are as well.  “It’s honestly one of my favorite places to see shows,” sophomore Alayna Carroll said, “because instead of being inside, it’s open and you can see the water and some of the beach.”

The theater isn’t huge, but whether you have floor seats or you are in the top section, you can still have a great time. “Pretty much anywhere you sit, you’ll have a great view,” Alayna said.

Junior Ella Schnee has a different part she likes most about the concerts.

“My favorite part is the energy,” she said.

At different events, there might be mosh pits or crowd surfing which elevate the energy even higher.

According to Alayna, shows in the past such as The Fray, Maroon 5, One Direction, Panic! At the Disco, Weezer, and 5 Seconds of Summer, were all very fun shows to go see because of the atmosphere and the ability to listen to her favorite music with friends.

Ella believes that some other performances in the past including Kiss, Def Leppard, and Styx were equally great shows to go see as well.

Both students have the same favorite concert to go to at Jones Beach, which is Warped Tour. Warped Tour is a huge rock and roll event held in the Jones Beach parking lot every year, where different bands play and some meet their fans. It is being held this year again on July 8.

“My favorite part is seeing bands that I like,” Alayna said.

But not only are there popular bands that play at Warped Tour; there are smaller bands too.

“I also really like checking out smaller bands or bands that I’ve never heard of,” Alayna said.

There are many different aspects to this event such as tents with merchandise but one specific thing stands out in particular.

“The best part of Warped Tour is meeting so many people that are like you, and you make so many amazing friends,” Ella said.

Overall, the anticipation for this summer’s lineup and Warped Tour is extremely high, as many people buy tickets for these concerts. Jones Beach Theater is an amazing concert space to attend and according to both students, it’s one of the best experiences to have.

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Jones Beach Theater rocks the summer for another season