Summer tides and beach vibes to come at Catch A Wave 2017

Michael Riggi, Copy Editor

The recent snow may have scared days off of spring break, but not even snow can stop a sunny MHS tradition.   

After an icy cold winter, the traditional “Catch A Wave” event will bring summer rays of sunshine early to MHS students on Friday, March 31.

“Catch A Wave is a fundraiser concert that has been a tradition at MHS and gains support from many students,” senior event organizer and headliner Austin Nudelman said.

With all proceeds going to the Winthrop University Pediatric Cancer Center, this casual concert fundraiser has been a huge success for MHS and children with cancer for many years past.

2017 seems to be no exception to tradition, as a new enthusiastic group of students and teachers are running the event and have many booths and performers planned to appear.

When previewing for the event, Austin explained how there will be many new changes and continuations with the fundraiser to appeal to students and sell tickets.  

“There are a lot of interactive events planned for the night,” Austin said. “Bake sales, henna, face painting, and more will all be available on the boardwalk.”

With a new organizing staff of students coordinating the event, the spirit of “Catch A Wave” will feel fresh yet recognizable for both sophomores and returning juniors and seniors.  

The school’s ASL, German, Tri-M, WMHS, Mock Trial, and Yearbook clubs will be supporting the fundraiser with various booths along the boardwalk. With the collaboration of many talented students and clubs on the project, this event will be sure to capture the spirit of the school in creative ways.

The decorations along the beach-themed boardwalk are sure to be a highlight for students new to the fundraiser, with hours of hard work and devotion from the staff culminating in the total transformation of the first floor main hallway of MHS.

Beyond the boardwalk, there is also a great array of musicians and groups set to perform in the gym.

“I have a whole list of acoustic singers and bands ready to perform at the concert, and many with unique styles,” Austin said.  

With many different vocal ranges and instruments to take over in the MHS gym, the concert will prove to be an impressive showcase of talent.

These inspirational musicians, artists, club members, and teachers will guarantee the fundraiser to be a success. The planners and event officials are hoping that this showcase of entertainment will be enough to gain student support and raise enough money for Winthrop University and children with cancer.

A truly memorable and meaningful event, the “Catch A Wave” fundraiser will crash over the MHS hallways on March 31 at 5:30 P.M. We hope to catch you there!

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