Petrakis and company triumph over Baldwin for Homecoming win

On Saturday, October 20, Massapequa took the field against Baldwin in the annual homecoming game on the shining new Massapequa turf. Plowing through Baldwin with a final score of 47-26, the Chiefs sent Baldwin running back to the buses with the seventh consecutive homecoming win since 2012.

Headlined by captains Angelo Petrakis, Garrett Gibbons, and Steven Caramelli, Massapequa pushed through rival team Baldwin with a combination of strategic plays and weeks of dedicated practice put into effect.

Starting the game on a high note (quite literally with the stadium tunes of the marching band following the preceding parade), the Chiefs rushed to crush Baldwin over the course of the first two quarters but struggled to get the lead.

Tied 20-20 with Baldwin by the end of the second quarter, the team came back strong following the halftime show with encouragement from the cheerleading teams, the Chiefettes, and the marching band. Themed around Disney Pixar, the marching band hyped up the crowd with themes from classics such as“Monsters Inc.” and “The Incredibles.” Following this performance, the Chiefettes kick-lined to cult classics “September” and “Uptown Girl” while the cheerleading squad shone twirled and flipped high to modern pop music.

Blue banners and gold flags flying high in the bleachers, all students adorned in Chief attire ramped up the atmosphere of the game and pushed the team over the edge.

Kicking off the third quarter senior captain Angelo Petrakis dominated the field and propeled the team forward to victory after scoring the game-tying touchdown with a 26-yard run in the fourth quarter.

Petrakis rushed for 178 yards and scored 3 touchdowns in the game on 18 carries, placing Massapequa at a lead of 4-3 overall in Nassau. Carrying on the Chief tradition of excellence, the team once again proved that Massapequa is a powerhouse in athletics.

Assisting Petrakis in the win was senior Kenny Galvin, who went 9 for 14 for 171 yards and scored two touchdowns, Steven Zografos, who caught an 11-yard touchdown, and Alex Rende, who intercepted a pass and caught an 83-yard touchdown.  

Capping off the fourth quarter at a score of 47-26, the team rushed back to the locker room to celebrate their big win. Proving that no team can crush Massapequa’s spirit, the team is excited for playoffs and counties in the following weeks.

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