Varsity Football Player Liam DeVos Shares His Story


As Covid-19 cases have been decreasing, everything has gradually started to go back to normal in the Massapequa community, especially in the world of sports. This fall, Massapequa High School’s sports teams have been meeting for practice and games, bringing home several wins. For instance, the football team won their first game on September 18 against Syosset.

Liam DeVos, a senior on the Varsity Football Team, discusses how he feels about sports in this new era of rising above Covid-19, as well as the season so far. He plays on the offensive and defensive line. With the exception of a few years in elementary school due to height restrictions, he has played football since he was five years old.

“It’s awesome that sports are getting back to normal,” DeVos states. Last fall, sports were canceled, and various restrictions were put in place in the spring. Despite the fact that this was for safety, it was still unfortunate that the athletes could not finish out their season the way they had hoped, “Last year we were wondering if we were even going to have a season at all.” 

There is a lot of promise for this year’s season as the case rates go down and the vaccination rates go up, “It’s nice that we don’t have to worry about contact tracing anymore,” DeVos explains. “It’s good to know that we get to have a full season this year and not a shortened one like last spring.”

In addition to high school sports, professional sports have been making a comeback as well, “It’s especially good to see pro sports coming back. It’s nice to see everyone back in the stadiums,” says DeVos.

The Varsity team has three-hour long practices every day as well as games on Saturdays. However, this hard work definitely pays off. They have won their first two games including a landslide 28-0 victory against Port Washington on Homecoming.

  “Winning these games really gave me and the rest of my team a lot of confidence,” DeVos said. “We have another game coming up this week which is a big challenge, but we have been off to a good start and I think we can win. I have confidence in myself and the rest of my teammates.”

DeVos is unsure about whether or not he will focus on football in college; however, he has a lifelong passion for the sport and is looking forward to the rest of the season and the year.

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