MHS continues tradition, gives kids a safe Halloween


Kiera Pagano // The Chief

Students trick-or-treat without the possibility of harm at MHS’s annual Safe Halloween.

Continuing a beloved Halloween tradition, Massapequa once again held its annual Safe Halloween event, wherein SADD Club volunteers set up festive and spooky exhibits at the high school for local children to enjoy.
Several groups of high school students took part in this event. Each group decorated a small section of the MHS hallways with different themes, ranging from High School Musical to Harry Potter, neon colors, and even hippies.
As soon as the doors opened at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, crowds of children and their families came in smiling from ear to ear. Children sported their Halloween costumes and carried trick or treating bags. At each exhibit, SADD club members gave them a friendly greeting and Halloween candy.
Although the children left with big smiles and huge bags of candy, the high schoolers found the experience equally rewarding.

“If felt good to see the smiles on the kids faces from such a simple and pure type of happiness,” said senior Nicole Schiraldi, who participated in the Christmas exhibit. “The joy of a holiday like Halloween means the world to a child, and being able to provide that is so special.”

At the end of the day, it was safe to say that Safe Halloween was a success.

Senior Melissa Fahey agreed. “Seeing [the kids’] faces light up as they walked down the hallway made the hard work worth it.”

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