Rooted Launch

What does it mean for one to be rooted? By definition, it means to “establish deeply and firmly”. Here at Massapequa High School, it has taken on a whole new meaning. 

Students at MHS were motivated to start a student run organization called “Rooted” that is based here. “Rooted” in an interactive club where one can come get connected in their faith and community around them. Not just community as in where someone lives, but the community of people who surround them everyday. 

Rooted was created by students here at the high school with the initiative to try and get more students in touch with not only their faith, but also with their peers around them. 

Dean of Students and advisor of the club, John Musmacker, shared “This was an activity that I really wanted to be apart of, it was being around people who know that there is more to life.”

While Rooted is still a new club here, they have many plans for the future. The members of the club hope to get involved with some volunteer work come the new year and hope to continue to grow and recruit new members every time they meet. 

The club has already began to attract some attention and they meet every other Wednesday in room 123 for anyone who is interested.

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