Senior Shannon Lowney Recruited to Oneonta State


Soccer Recruit: Lowney is Recruited for Oneonta College Soccer

An incredible amount of pressure had been placed on student-athletes and college coaches once the worldwide pandemic, better known as COVID-19, hit. Immediately, interviews and campus tours were no longer in person but rather they were conducted through Zoom and other online video streaming platforms. 

Senior Soccer Recruit, Shannon Lowney shared what her experience was like getting recruited during the lockdown and plans for the future. She has been playing for Massapequa since sophomore year as either center back or midfield. 

Although the fall season might not occur as planned, there is hope for the fall season to take place sometime in the Spring of 2021. “The decision for fall sports to be extended to 2021 was devastating. All of the seniors have worked their whole careers to get to this point and for such a special season to be taken away from us was heartbreaking,” Lowney exclaimed. 

Soccer clubs across the globe have been hosting tournaments with capacity restrictions. “I am currently on a travel team and we have been training 4 times a week in hopes that we will be able to play tournaments this fall,” Lowney said. Other COVID related precautions were taken to limit the amount of contact in an arena or a field.

Coaches and athletes have been keeping in contact through video streaming websites so that the athletes are updated on the various and frequent changes taking place. 

Sports recruitment among colleges was conducted differently have been a challenge as a result of the pandemic. However, Lowney didn’t have to virtually commit to her college, Oneonta. “I committed to Oneonta after the pandemic, but I was recruited by them before the pandemic started,” Lowney said. 

“I loved their relationships with each other and the coach and was able to see myself fitting in great,” Lowney expressed. Although the pandemic circumstances aren’t ideal, Lowney was able to get an idea of the Oneonta team and understand the atmosphere of the Oneonta soccer team through contact with her coach and future teammates. 

As a result of the spikes in COVID-19 cases this September, Oneonta was not able to keep the school campus open because of the danger of spreading the disease. “As of right now, I don’t think they know yet what the spring season would hold if there were to be one,” Lowney added. 

Despite the limited sports season and difficulties regarding online recruitment, Lowney and thousands of other student-athletes throughout the country will still pursue their college athletic careers.  


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