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Winter sports spotlight article: ricocheting rifle season

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Jessica Hunt, Staff Writer

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When most people hear the word “basement,” they tend to picture something dark, wet, and grimy. But the basement at Massapequa High School is actually just the opposite. It houses the MHS rifle team’s shooting range and acts a second home to the members of the team, including Olivia Weber.
Olivia has been on MHS rifle team for the past two years and is one of the 6 shooters on the team this season. She decided to try out for the team last year as a joke between herself and her friends which eventually turned into passion for the sport.
“When I was in 9th grade, I heard about the rifle team on the morning announcements and I thought it would be funny to tell people that I’m going to try out for rifle because most people wouldn’t trust me with a gun. So, I tried out.” Olivia said. “During the tryout process, I wound up loving it and really wanting to be on the team.”
Olivia made the team last year and has since been improving at the sport. She has learned that in order to shoot and score high in her matches, it takes a large amount of patience and focusing skills. “When shooting, we’re not really supposed to focus on anything and we have to clear our minds.” she said.
Since joining the team, she has also been taught under the training of Mr. Norden how to make sure not to force your shot if it’s shaky by putting the gun down and starting again. Olivia also said “I have learned the tricks and techniques that are crucial for consistently shooting high scores.”
So far this season, the MHS rifle team has won all of their matches and has been scoring extremely well with the best score being 745/800.
Olivia has also gotten the chance to score her personal best in one of the team’s matches against Freeport with a score of 186/200, making one of her best memories on the team. “Throughout the first part of the season, Olivia has consistently placed among the top 3 or 4 scores for the team. Furthermore, she has scored 187 and 184 (out of a possible 200) in the last 2 matches. Her consistent production should help the team contend for a great season” Mr.Norden said.
Victoria Marsico, another member of the MHS rifle team, has practiced with Olivia for a few months and has seen her shoot in matches multiple times. “Olivia is really good and when we were trying out the first time I was shocked because she had never picked up a gun before and she was very good,” Victoria said. “Liv is the type of person that if she puts her mind to something she will accomplish it and it has shown in the scores that she has received this season”
Both Olivia and Victoria believe that one of the best aspects of being on team is the love and support shown by their teammates throughout the practices and matches. They also believe that everyone on the team is very dedicated to the sport and has the passion to continue striving for better scores each time they shoot, resulting in how well the team has done this past season.
The MHS rifle team has become a second family for the teammates and has shown the players the values of determination, patience and positivity.

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Winter sports spotlight article: ricocheting rifle season