Kevin Voigt: an amazing last year as a Chief

Massapequa is a town known for its impressive sports program for high school students. Many have made their mark in Massapequa’s sports program, and this year is no exception.
Senior Kevin Voigt, a player for the varsity basketball team, is ending his last year as a Chief player with a bang. “Basketball has always been my passion. It is such a hard game to play and the intensity of the competition is something I feel that is more prominent in basketball and not in other sports,” Kevin said.
The team’s goal this season is make it back to the County Semi-finals and beyond. The team hasn’t been to the County Semi-finals since Voigt was a sophomore, and it is a goal for him and his team to make it back and win.
“I was on the team as a sophomore so… three years went by way too quickly,” Kevin said. “I’m excited to have the chance to be a senior and a leader on this team after looking up to some great players the last two seasons.”
During his first season, the team broke a ten year streak of losing a conference title. On his first season on the team, they won the conference championship.“… it was really special to be a part of the first team in ten years to do that,” he said.
Kevin has also been recognized as an All Conference Player and is a top player for Nassau County this year. Not everyone is given such a high honor in their athletic careers.
While the entire team enjoys playing basketball, Kevin has a special connection to the sport. His dad, teacher and Coach Martin Voigt, is his team’s coach. While most athletics would be nervous to play for a relative, Kevin hasn’t found that it affects him. “… my dad is nothing but supportive and pushes me to do the best,” he said. “It is really just a special experience for me to have gotten to play for him…”
“Words cannot describe how proud I am of all his passion, dedication, hard work, and sacrifice he has displayed in both his academic and athletic journey during his years at Massapequa High School,” Coach Voigt said.
Hard work from a player rarely goes unnoticed when colleges come to pick their future athletes.
“As a result of his outstanding performance, he is a recruitable college basketball player with high expectations and options to play at the next level of college basketball!” Coach Voigt said.
The Chiefs varsity basketball team has made impressive feats these past three seasons, and Kevin couldn’t be more proud to have helped them achieve them.
“We have fourteen guys who work as hard as they can everyday at practice to prepare us for our games and then leave everything they have on the floor on game days,” Kevin said. “With this group of guys, we have the ability to have a really successful season.”

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