Spotlight: Joe Gramegna, a winner on and off the ice


Dave Marques // The Chief

Gramegna masters three skills in different areas of life.

Kaitlyn Lucey, Editor-in-Chief

Skates slicing across the surface of ice, the brassy melodies of his trombone, the thump! of boxing gloves making contact with each other— these sounds embody senior Joe Gramegna’s daily life.

A gifted athlete as well as a diligent student, success is nothing new to Gramegna. As a junior, he was selected as All County in ice hockey; additionally, he received the Scholar-Athlete award the last two years at the conclusion of the hockey season.

“…Being [chosen as] scholar-athlete was definitely fulfilling,” Joe said.

Yet his numerous achievements do not speak fully to the extent of his character. Charismatic, yet humble, Joe is the type to fly under the radar. In addition to balancing hockey and music, he aspires to succeed in the difficult classes he is taking his senior year. One of these classes, Advanced Placement Physics C, is widely considered to be among the most challenging that MHS offers.

“I plan to go in the career field of mechanical engineering,” he said.

Joe cites his determination to succeed in sports as his inspiration to achieve in other facets of his life. In addition to being a starting forward and captain for MHS’ ice hockey team, Joe is a competitive boxer— in fact, he has won several bouts locally.

“Both hockey and boxing have helped me gain confidence,” Joe said. “Through playing sports at a high level since a young age, I have become more competitive and more ambitious in obtaining my goals.”

He has certainly succeeded in securing goals for the Chiefs. During the 2014-2015 season, Gramegna had the leading number of points for MHS. As a captain, he is optimistic yet focused on the current season.

“We have to start gaining momentum,” Joe said, “..and keep working hard each day.”

As a testament to the strength of his character and dedication to serving the community, Joe spends his summers spreading his love of hockey to others.

“I am a [summer] counselor at a hockey camp where I help young campers with various tasks and demonstrate the drills,” he said.

Moreover, Joe is a talented musician, representing Massapequa’s highly regarded marching band and music education program. Over the last three years, he has played both the tenor and bass trombone. Additionally, during his junior year, he received All County distinction in full orchestra as well as concert band. His experiences in the high school music program led to his participation in Tri-M— a national honor society for high school musicians.

When he is not on the ice, inside the boxing ring, or marching for the band, Joe enjoys spending his time outdoors.

“I fish [in] both fresh and salt water, and mountain bike,” he said. “..I enjoy going offroading on my ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).”

Ultimately, Joe Gramegna is a “triple threat.”  His success in the classroom, in sports, and musically makes him one of the brightest students that Massapequa High School has to offer— even so, his future looks even brighter.

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