Senioritis: Is it all a hoax?


Many seniors suffer from what many know as “senioritis,” as their final year of high school ends, others still reminisce about their elementary days and childhood friendships they are leaving behind as they head off to college. 

The Chief staff conducted questions during Spirit Week to discover how seniors actually feel about leaving their hometown and high school behind as they head off into the “real world,

The staff had several types of questions to ask seniors, such as their favorite electives at Massapequa, what advice they would give to upcoming seniors, and what they will miss the most about Massapequa once they are in college.

“I would not take the chance to graduate tomorrow because I want to enjoy life before another door opens,” Senior Kylie Dragonetti said. “Never take anything for granted, before you know it, a chapter of your life will close while another one opens.” 

A variety of electives are offered at MHS, allowing students to pick electives that spark their interest, such as broadcasting, astronomy, and band. “Broadcasting gave me a chance to be creative and let me see if I wanted to pursue it as a career in college,” Senior Giuliana Sambone said. 

Some students don’t want to take another day of their high school careers for granted, while others will take the chance to graduate tomorrow and head off to college if they had the chance. 

For example, seniors get up to three periods to themselves in their schedule simply because they do not need any more credits to graduate. This gives students more freedom to leave school and have more time to themselves away from the classroom.  

“I personally use my outs to catch up on homework,” one senior said. “It’s nice to have outs but not too many because colleges will see how many classes a student is enrolled in.” 

On the contrary, many students like to take advantage of their freedom and “cut class” so they don’t have to go back to school. But some students are excited to see a world outside of their hometown, and open new doors that can lead them to new opportunities in college. 

“I am eager to explore new places outside of Massapequa,” Senior Mia Cafiero said. “ I want to see what else is out there waiting for me.”

Students like Cafiero are counting down the days until graduation to explore their careers and start the journey into college that they have been waiting all year for. 

Many seniors have taken advantage of colleges’ Early Decision and Early Action application options, which allows students to send in their applications early. Hoping for a quicker response from their prospective colleges. 

There are many different viewpoints from the Class of 2020, but senioritis, along with lasting friendships and memories will leave the students with an unforgettable high school career.

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