Mask Mandate in Massapequa!


Ever since the pandemic had sparked, there has been a heated debate on whether or not masks should be worn to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many individuals find masks essential because of the safety and comfort it provides them knowing they are protecting others from the virus. However, there are a number of people that refute that theory and do not like the idea of wearing masks because the evidence is not certain that masks reduce the spread of COVID-19. Either way, there is still a controversial divide between pro-mask and anti-mask individuals that seems to grow each day, and this article will explore each side’s reasoning. 

On one hand, there are the people that believe masks should be worn and push the usage of them in public settings. The main reason why many individuals favor masks is that they provide a layer of safety that has the possibility of lowering the risk of contamination. If someone was infected with COVID-19, they would spread this through the respiratory droplets that come out of their mouth when they do things such as speak, cough, etc. So, the masks are recommended by the World Health Organization, or WHO, because they act as a shield or barrier that prevents those respiratory droplets from leaving your mouth far enough to spread into the air. Therefore, people consider face-coverings very important. Nobody wants to get the virus and deal with its painful symptoms, and a lot of people believe that taking any measure, such as wearing these protective coverings, to steer clear from contamination is not only important but essential. Lots of people end up wearing masks, whether it be medical-grade or cloth, because of the safety they provide in knowing that they could be at a lower risk of contracting COVID-19 and are at a lower risk of possibly spreading it to others. 

Back in March, when COVID-19 became a started to take over the world, there was a tremendous amount of people not wearing masks in public settings. Despite spending almost 4 months inside, many people didn’t prioritize masks. An article recently came out about people who are anti-mask explaining their reasoning. Many people say that the mask is just “too much” and for some people, the mask is “uncomfortable” and “not effective.” For many, the mask is hard to breathe in, especially high quality, medical-grade masks along with 3 layer cotton masks. Many videos have gone viral of people in public around the world not wearing masks and many people having meltdowns when confronted about their lack of a mask, stating “masks do not provide clean air so is not wearing a mask the same thing as wearing a mask. 

The mask debate still stands, and most likely will be around as long as COVID-19 is around. Many people have decided whether or not to wear a mask based upon their political party. This has also caused social uproar in the media. Although there have been many studies showing the pros and cons of wearing masks in public, there are some masks that are better than others when it comes to particles in the air, which has also caused large debates. Many say if you are going to wear a mask in public, a cotton one with straps around the ears and medical-grade masks with straps around the ears are the “so-called” safest ones, and the bandana style ones that wrap around your neck are deemed not effective for spreading contaminated particles into the air and then there are people who think that no mask at all is the way to go. How do you feel? Are you putting on your mask tomorrow, or are you leaving without it?

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