Catch a Wave shines bright for a cause

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Catch a Wave shines bright for a cause

Kalleigh Regan // The Chief

Kalleigh Regan // The Chief

Kalleigh Regan // The Chief

The Catch a Wave boardwalk before the concert was a very popular sight among atendees.

Alexandra Doulos, Copy Editor

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On Friday, March 27, students, teachers, and administrators dove into the philanthropic fervor that is Catch a Wave.

Catch a Wave originated from a Story Box Project that the English, Art, and Technology departments united forces to produce. It is an interactive project that children receiving treatment at Winthrop Childrens’ Cancer Center can add their own stories and experiences to for others to read.

Outfitted in summer-ready attire, attendees gathered in the main gym and hallway, which had been transformed into a tropical concert venue and beachy boardwalk for the annual event.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m., students, their families, and even teachers flooded into the high school’s boardwalk to buy treats and mementos from various clubs including Chiefs Challenge, the knitting club, the gay-straight alliance (GSA), and the mock trial team.

Catch a Wave combines the best and most exciting parts of various subjects into a fundraiser that donates proceeds to Winthrop University Hospital’s Pediatric Cancer Center.

“It’s the most amazing collaboration between English, music, and art,” art teacher Mrs. Gale Domingo said, “and I’m so proud of being a part [of] this with the wonderful students of MHS.”

A concert featuring the talented musicians of the high school commenced at 7 p.m., showcasing their melodic knack and substantial enthusiastic preparation. Performances were given by the Chordettes, the Crooners, and a plethora of bands formed for the evening.

“My favorite part was making so many new friends and all of us share a talent,” Chordette junior Hannah Ibrahim said. “Music is a big part of my life and I like that we can bond over it.”

In addition, Catch a Wave provided an especially unique musical experience for one musician in particular.

“I’ve always wanted to learn ukulele,” senior Peter Ostermann said. “My grandparents purchased me one and I wanted to learn this song [“Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World”] so badly and I wanted to see how well I would do in front of a crowd.”

Seniors Brandan Lawrence and Robert Catinella, in addition to juniors Claire Korber, Chloe Purick, and Sydney Tamburello, led the effort in expanding Catch a Wave alongside event organizer and English teacher Mr. Robert Hempel.

“[Planning] really kicked into gear in January and February,” Mr. Hempel said. “It takes more than seven months [to plan Catch a Wave]. We started talking about it over the summer because we knew that we wanted to grow it this year… and jump off last year’s success.”

Sadie Freifeld, the cancer survivor who inspired Catch a Wave, and her mother delivered emotionally moving addresses to the crowds assembled to have fun while supporting a worthy cause. Afterward, everyone in attendance joined in singing Sadie a happy eighth birthday, being that it had recently passed on March 22.

In all, attendees, performers, and organizers were greatly pleased with the success of this year’s inception of Catch a Wave.

“It’s a great event that not only donates to a great cause,” Key Club president senior Bridget Keegan said, “but unifies the school as well.”

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