MHS students shine at the school’s annual Express Night

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MHS students shine at the school’s annual Express Night

Kalleigh Regan // The Chief

Kalleigh Regan // The Chief

Kalleigh Regan // The Chief

Junior Matt Greene shows off his talents at this year's Express Night.

Kerry Young, Journalism Student

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On the night of December 12, the annual X-Press Night took place in Massapequa High School’s library.  Hosted by the Visions Art and Literary Magazine, the event focused on showcasing various talents of MHS students.

X-Press Night was organized under the guidance of several of the magazine’s editors and the club’s president, Jessica McNamara.

The event was created by the club in 2011 as a chance for all MHS students that wished to express themselves artistically to get together and to share their talents without any strict structure, unlike that of the school’s music and drama programs.

To the delight of many, this year saw one of the biggest turnouts the event has ever seen, according to Visions editors.  All of the seats were filled with family, friends, and other supporters, and  every performance earned a hefty round of applause not just from attendees, but from other performers as well.

“I’m excited to see everyone performing as well as my friends supporting me,” sophomore Allyson Goetz said. Goetz performed an acapella rendition of “There Are Worse Things I could do” from Grease that night.

The welcoming environment for performers and mutual support also helped make the showcase a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Sophomore Alex Gordonson and junior Danny Berk, who had performed their own original song, were both anxious for performing at first, but were extremely relieved and content when it went smoothly.

“It was amazing to get out there and express myself,” Gordonson said.

Senior John Modica, who performed a song with Gordonson, felt the same.

“It was really nerve-wracking, but it was a relief to get it done,” Modica said. “It was also a huge self-confidence booster that everyone was listening and caring.”

Overall, X-Press Night received extremely positive feedback from performers and those in attendance.

“It’s a brilliant atmosphere that allows people to come out of their shell and show their talents,” sophomore Courtney Conkling said, “and a great way to showcase their talents without people being judgmental.”

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