Spotlight: Jamie Ahrens, field hockey


Jamie Ahrens will attend Adelphi University next fall.

Katie Cresser, Sports Editor

For most of us, sports are a fun way to pass the time. For senior Jamie Ahrens, however, field hockey has become a way of life.
Jamie started her field hockey career in the third grade and instantly fell in love with the sport. While some might have balked at the challenges presented by playing a competitive sport for such a long period of time, the thought of quitting never entered Jamie’s mind. “Once you’re obsessed with [the sport], there’s no looking back,” Jamie said.

The camaraderie that Jamie has with her teammates makes her experience all the more memorable. “It sounds so cliché,” Jamie said, “but I really do love my team.” She hopes to see them take home a Long Island championship trophy this year. “We’ve waited four years for it, and I want it more than ever.”

Looking beyond this year, Jamie plans to continue playing field hockey at Adelphi University. She loves both the athletic and academic aspects of the school. “Adelphi has all I want to do and will set me on a great path for my future occupation.”

Jamie will know a few familiar faces; her sister and one of her best friends currently attend the university. Moreover, she’s thrilled to know that Adelphi’s proximity to home ensures her father’s attendance at all of her games. Jamie is looking forward to the upcoming season now that she is committed. “I can stop worrying and just play because I love the game, not for the approval of college coaches.” she said. “Now, I’m even more excited for this season.”

There is no doubt that she will go far in the upcoming season, and everything she does, for that matter, as field hockey plays a prominent role in her life.

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