How to: navigate the hallways

Nelson Gomez, Managing Editor

The beginning of the school year is often marked by curiosity, anxiety, and stress. Students moving up have to learn how to move around the building, but it doesn’t have to be an issue. Here are some tips to help you navigate from class to class.

Learn the layout: Switching between class can be confusing if you don’t know where certain wings and rooms are located. Note that the main hallway is a straight corridor, and the science wing is connected at two points. There are several additional wings only on the first floor for the fine arts as well as English and social studies courses.

Know the whereabouts of classrooms: Like Berner and Ames, rooms are numbered with a leading digit that indicates the floor a room is on. Room 101 can be found on the first floor, room 201 on the second, and room 301 on the third. Rooms in the basement are the only exception, starting at 80 instead. Also keep in mind that lower-numbered rooms in the main wing can be found on the south side of the building by the auditorium, and higher-numbered rooms can be found on the north side by the gymnasium.

Use alternate routes: The main stairwell in the middle of the building is usually crowded. If you’re in a rush, consider using the stairwells by the ramp or science wing.

Don’t panic: After walking around the school for a few weeks and figuring out your schedule, getting to and from class will become a simple, everyday task.

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