CARE club hosts good ol’ time at Shindig in the Barn


MHS students were all dressed up in western attire for a good time and a good cause

Melanie Sheehan, Copy Editor

The gym was filled with laughter, cheers, and plenty of plaid on Thursday, February 28 as the CARE Club hosted the annual Shindig in the Barn. Students donated ten dollars each to participate in the event, and a total of over 500 dollars was raised for families in Massapequa affected by cancer, according to CARE Club President Alex Lettieri.

Longtime callers Lou and Sue, who brought square dancing to Massapequa and have participated in the annual event since the 1970s, were working the floor all evening. “This is one of the best square dancing high schools in the state,” Lou said. “It has always been a high-energy evening.”

Competition was also fierce, as all vied for the honor of “Last Square Standing.” Ultimately, Matt Beck, Nick Vinberg, Ally Dumas, Jamie Ahrens, Tim Woods, Colleen Brown, J.B. Beck, and Brianna Falcone triumphed. Seniors Nick Petrik and Kathryn Maisch won the individual competition, in which students competed by dancing the “Funky Monkey.”

Win or lose, all of the students had a wonderful time dancing and even learning some new moves, including “step to an ocean wave” and “circle eight.” “It’s an awesome time,” senior Shannon Cooney said.

“Shindig in the Barn was a great success! Everyone who participates really gets into it,” Lettieri said. “The most important part is that the money that was paid as an entrance fee will go to someone in our community that is currently battling cancer.”

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