Behind the curtain: the painstaking process behind the musical production


Members of the tech crew monitor lighting and sound during a dress rehearsal.

Nelson Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

Without a doubt, the school musical is one of the most intricate displays at MHS. A talented cast, an impressive high school pit orchestra, and a tightly run sound, lighting and stage crew all came together under Mr. Kevin F. Harrington’s direction to put on as great a show as possible.

At the forefront of the production, of course, are the lead actors.

As the most visible people in the production, the actors are tasked with delivering a convincing performance and immersing the audience in the universe of My Fair Lady’s Edwardian England.

But more than just the leads are necessary in order to impress an audience. “It’s not only the actors that are needed, but there’s also the stage crew, the pit, stage managers, lighting, sound…the list goes on,” junior Hannah Bentivegna said. “There are a lot of important people who are involved in putting on a musical and it wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Bentivegna had the opportunity to play the lead female role of Eliza Doolittle in this year’s production. She describes Doolittle as a “very naïve girl with a big heart. She cares for people but has her own mind and isn’t afraid to express her opinion.”

In order to perform My Fair Lady and perfect each scene, rehearsals were intense. On top of memorizing lines, details such as where to stand on stage, choreography and inflections of lines are expected to be completely refined by opening night.

As arduous a process as it may be, it is this very undertaking that helps to strengthen an already tight-knit bond between cast members, and the mutual support makes rehearsing a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

“The other leads and I are more like a family,” Bentivegna said. “We can go to each other for anything and everything, and we don’t have to worry about messing up a line because they will help us through it.”

The actors of My Fair Lady may have taken their final bow and the curtains may have fallen on this year’s musical production, but the friendships, memories and experiences forged will live on.

“Being able to play Eliza Doolittle is just a dream come true; that may sound cliché but My Fair Lady has been one of my all-time favorite musicals,” Bentivegna said. “The storyline and the music are just beautiful, and to be able to bring Eliza to life has been such a privilege and an honor.”

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