Fall makeup trends


Noelle Ferrara, Staff Writer

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With plenty of time on my hands after completing my college applications, I have become interested in makeup. My interest in makeup has led me to learn a thing or two about what is in fashion right now. So, what is popular this season? Dark colors.

More specifically, dark eye shadows and deep lip colors are what girls should aim for. Although, girls must remember that this is not a look for everyone. The combination of having dramatic eyes and lips differs from the traditionally ideal look. Normally, a dark eye with a nude lip or a light eye with a dramatic lip is best, but not this season.

Think about the colors associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas – dark browns, golds, bronzes, reds, blacks and even deep purples. Focus on the browns, blacks and golden colors on the eyes, and reds – specifically deep reds – on the lips. A color called oxblood red is popular now, especially for clothing – and it makes a good choice for lipstick as well.

The last thing is the eyeliner. Thick, dramatic eyeliner is hot right now. Play around with different shapes and thicknesses, even different colors. Depending on one’s eye color, the color of eyeliner that best accentuates the eyes differs. Not all eyeliner has to be black or brown. For brown eyes try purple liner; for green eyes try green or blue eyeliner; for hazel eyes try light purple or a bronze, and for blue eyes try blue liner.

Of course, not everything looks great on everyone. Girls need to experiment with different styles to determine which look fits them best. Therefore, this season provides women with a good opportunity. An unusual style is in right now – try it out, you may find exactly what you have been looking for.

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