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Issue alley- a journey of political participation

Angelica Radomski, Staff Writer

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On August 21st, I opened my mailbox to see a an email from Mr. Bachman. Subject: “First Presidential Debate at Hofstra University.” No way! I was one of the lucky few who were selected to attend the debate on September 26th.

From the moment we left Massapequa High School, I knew that this event was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  As soon as we pulled up to the University, newsstands and politicians caught my eye.

One of the most amazing experiences was being able to explore Issue Alley.  The entire area was filled with mobile television studios from CNN News, Fox News, ABC News, MSNBC and CSPAN.

Although none of us are of age to vote, everyone still made us feel as if our opinions matter. We even had the opportunity to participate in a mock vote and we learned about the ballot system.

We had the opportunity of appearing in the background of a live broadcast while Liz Cho was reporting for ABC News. One of the most amazing feelings was receiving a text from my mom telling me that she could sees me on T.V.

Although we had to leave Hofstra University at 11:30pm, the opportunities did not end. The next day, there was a C-SPAN bus parked in the parking lot at MHS. We were all able to go onto the bus and learn all about the election. Inside the bus was a plethora of computers and monitors which allowed us to explore information about the electoral college and the campaign process.

As we stepped off the C-SPAN, a reporter from “Meet the Leaders” approached us and asked to interview us. Of course, when asked who wanted to go first, my friends pushed me to the front. It was an amazing opportunity to give an interview while being recorded live. I was definitely nervous, but the exposure to such an experience was amazing.

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Issue alley- a journey of political participation