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Massapequa Chiefs win their homecoming game for the fifth year in a row

Jack Graziano, Staff Writer

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With the fall season comes sweaters, warm drinks, pumpkins, and football, a favorite of anyone, whether sports are their cup of tea or not.  Either way, tons of students gathered for Massapequa’s last home football game on October 15.

This year’s homecoming game was quite an exhilarating one. With weeks of preparation, hard work, organization, and teamwork, Massapequa proved to be a formidable opponent against Baldwin. In fact, the homecoming winning streak continued as the Massapequa team won for the fifth year in a row.

“Homecoming has always been a great day to be a chief ” dean of students Mr. Wing said.  

The pride of our school district gives an amazing energy to the atmosphere each and every year and certainly fortifies morale. Whether you were playing on the field, cheering on the sidelines, marching with the band, or spectating in the stands you were a huge part of the game and the day as a whole.  It’s very empowering to share pride with so many people doing different things we can all appreciate.

With their long history of winning, the varsity football team was confident about their game that afternoon. Massapequa started strong and scored the first touchdown of the day which, unfortunately, was soon followed by a touchdown by Baldwin. Luckily though, the visiting team missed their extra point leaving the score 7-6.

The halftime show, which included the varsity cheerleaders, the chiefettes, and the marching band, set up the perfect mood and energy for the team to get through the remainder of the game.

“I definitely think this year is the best year yet with the MHS varsity cheerleading team, the girls are so motivated!” varsity cheerleading captain Tara Rosen said.  

“It’s always an eventful day!” Mrs. LeVechii said. The marching band did a spectacular job with their performance of Batman v. Superman at the halftime show.

“There was such a tremendous amount of positive energy; people seemed to really enjoy the show we put on,” marching band member Emily Reitz said.

Though the whole performance at homecoming during halftime is exciting to watch and instills joy in all viewers, there is a lot of hard work out into the routines we watch.

“It is very difficult to prepare for homecoming but our team is so quick to learn them. I really enjoyed my last year at homecoming and the team knew how to make the experience super special!” Tara said.

Massapequa went on to score two more touchdowns, making the score 21-6. Baldwin scored another touchdown, but missed the extra point once again; however, they successfully achieved a conversion leaving the score at 21-14.

The most defining point of the game was the at the end of the last quarter when Baldwin nearly tied the score with yet another touchdown, but continued their streak by missing the extra point for the third time. This left the score 21-20, giving Massapequa the win by one point!

All in all, this year’s homecoming game will be remembered as an amazing one!

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Massapequa High School's chief source of news.
Massapequa Chiefs win their homecoming game for the fifth year in a row