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Brandan Lawrence

The cast and crew of MHS' fall drama, You Can't Take It with You, pose following dress rehearsal

Ben Goess, Journalism Student

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And… Action! The stage is set as the Drama club gets ready for the showing of the 1936 comedy You Can’t Take It With You.  Talented actors and actresses from grades 9 to 12 prepare to give the audience a wild ride in a night full of laughter.

You Can’t Take It With You takes place in the 1930’s in the New York City home of the Sycamore family. Grandpa Vanderhof, an eccentric man who doesn’t believe in income tax, is the head of the family.  The production revolves around the exuberant Sycamores, the unhappy Kirbys, and a dinner that goes awry.  It is not long until you realize that their whole world is crazy.

“I love it!” senior Nicole Henevald said. “I think it is a fantastic show for a high school because its humor is so engaging and the plot is hysterical.”

Nicole is the President of the  International Thespian Society chapter, as well as an intern for the Theatre Arts class.  She will be playing Penelope Sycamore in the production.

English teacher Mr. Jordan Hue, who is directing this year’s production has a background in theatre. With his enthusiasm for theater, he jumped at the opportunity to direct the drama.

Within the first month of school, Mr. Hue held the first audition session for eager actors.  During the primary auditions, he randomly assigned roles to various actors and had them act out short scenes to determine which character  they could best portray.  The callback list was posted the following week once the primary three audition sessions were complete. At callbacks, each actor gave their last audition.  Finally, the cast list was posted, and rehearsals began.

“[Rehearsals] are going great,” Mr. Hue said.  “We finished the blocking and now we are doing the nitty-gritty of finding the comedy. We would like to try to get the audience to laugh.”

A performance requires a lot of time and practice,  and rehearsals can run for two hours a day.  When asked how the performers manage their time, senior Joseph Mogavero simply stated, “We just do it.”

Joseph has been the Vice President of the International Thespian Society, as well as the Historian for the Drama club, for two years.  He will be playing Grandpa Vanderhof.

“I hope that we can provide as entertaining an evening as possible and do the play justice,” Joseph said, “because it really is a hilarious one.”

You Can’t Take It With You opens on Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1, at 8:00 p.m.  Tickets are eight dollars per person and five dollars for students and seniors.

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