“Peter Pan”: A story that never gets old

Laura Francavilla, Managing Editor

Massapequa High School rolled into November with a magical treat for all students the weekend of November 2 and 3. The drama students put on the whimsical and fun filled show “Peter Pan”, the story of the boy who never grows up. Directed under the supervision of Ms. Kristina Sumakis and Mr. Michael LaBella, the fall drama left the audience in awe as they left the auditorium.

The play followed the story everyone knows and loves of the Darling children, stuck at home with poor Nana, who meet Peter Pan. Peter Pan lives the “first star to the right and straight on until morning,” more commonly known as Neverland. They end up flying there with Pan and his fairy friend, Tinker Bell, where they encounter pirates, Indians, and the loveable Lost Boys.

The cast consisted of a mix of old and new faces in the drama department. The leading role of Peter Pan was senior Bridget Rogers, who in playing Pan kept with the tradition of a girl playing the leading man. Another senior, Alyssa Popeck, landed the role of young Wendy Darling.

Joseph Icart put on a spectacular performance as pirate leader Captain Hook, and Jack Graziano played the role of Mr. Darling, the pessimistic father of the Darling children.

Most of the cast members worked very well together. It was important that Peter Pan and Wendy had chemistry, and that Captain Hook and Smee had chemistry, and it is needless to say that the students playing those parts definitely work well together,” Ms. Sumakis said. “They partner beautifully, and even more so, motivate each other to be their best selves on and off stage.”

For all of the young viewers, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell take the stage for themselves and break the fourth wall by speaking directly to the crowd and making them clap to save Tinkerbell from dying.

The tech and stage crew students even got to join in on the magic by portraying TinkerBell as a bright light as she flew onto the stage.

Art students also were able to show off their talents by recreating a pirate ship, a child’s bedroom, and other sets and props. “Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Thornton were the artistic designers for the show. I showed them each pictures of the general vision I had, then they, with many of their art students, brought the visions to life,” Ms. Sumakis said.

The production truly hit home when one of the Lost Boys finally is reunited with his own mother, something that all of them, including Pan, are searching for.

With all of the onstage wonders comes magic from behind the scenes, which was instrumental in helping the play to succeed.  

“In the playbill for the show, I included a “special thanks” page to acknowledge all of the VIP’s involved in Peter Pan. But, in addition to those people, I want to thank my closest family and friends who have heard almost nothing but details about the show (since we have begun),” Ms. Sumakis said. “They all have been patient, supportive, and kind, and understanding to the fact that my free time has been limited, and for good reason.”

The theatre department and all those who worked on the play helped to keep the spirit of theatre alive at MHS. They are now working on preparing for the upcoming spring musical which is set to premiere March 8 and 9.

Congratulations to all involved in the play for a fantastic performance.

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