The curtain has finally fallen on Warped Tour

The curtain has finally fallen on Warped Tour

For the past 24  years, millions across the country have spent hours in the summer heat waiting for some of their favorite bands to perform. Vans Warped Tour presented by Journeys had its last cross country tour on July 28, 2018 on Long Island.  

Set up in the Jones Beach Theater parking lot, 18,000 people lined up in front of the gates to be the first inside the music festival. Seven stages were set up throughout the parking lot with a schedule available to see where each band would play and when.

Grudge Holder and Drop.Kick.Pop kicked off the concerts at 11 am and from then on there was constant music on each stage. My friends and I mostly went to the Journeys Left and Right Foot Stages for today’s more popular alternative bands, and the Mutant White Lighting Stage for the more heavy metal bands.

The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone had a smile on their face and was just excited to be there. During most of the mini concerts, it felt like there was a personal connection between the band and each fan in the crowd. Even parents went to enjoy the day with their kids, but most hung out in the “parents only” tents.

While most people were able to keep their excitement under control, some fans crowd surfed to get close to their idols, which is not recommended by security. While it’s nice to see everyone enjoy themselves, crowd surfing is rather painful and dangerous, especially when you’re short like me. There were also plenty of mosh pits for most bands, which aren’t for the weak. Being pushed around in a circle of sweaty strangers may in truth sound like a fun time, but it really isn’t — unless you like that sort of thing.

The whole day was insanely hot, and thankfully there was a free water refill station available to everyone all day long. Some bands were also signing merchandise and taking pictures with lucky fans at set times at their merch tents.

To end the day, 3OH!3 played some of their hit songs, and immediately after, Simple Plan was the last performance of the night. For everyone who stayed the 12 hours, Simple Plan put on an amazing performance and the band members even crowd surfed through the crowd of fans.

After the last song, everyone filed into the parking lot to get back to their cars. Some people, including my friends and myself, took the promotion posters for bands off the gates and fences as free keepsakes.

Although Warped Tour is over, the memories remain. It was an exciting, fun filled event that will live in the hearts of everyone who worked there, performed there, and attended the event. Warped Tour allowed people who enjoyed the same kind of music to mingle and just have a good time together.

So long and goodnight, Warped Tour.  

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