Shannon Bernhardt spreads lasting influence on athletes

Sabrina Alberti, Staff Writer

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Senior athlete Shannon Bernhardt amazed her audience and team all through the field hockey, basketball, and track seasons. Bernhardt started her athletic journey in seventh grade while playing multiple sports. She fell in love with athletics and started playing on the varsity field hockey team freshman year as a midfielder.


This season she was the primary player against Baldwin and she led her team to a county championship. “The best highlight of the field hockey season this year was by far winning back our county championship title. We had to fight for every win that we earned this season and winning that game made it all worth it,” Bernhardt said.


Shannon also participated in the first field hockey game ever played at Massapequa High School instead of Field of Dreams. “Winning against Sewanhaka 4-0 was a great way to set the tone for the future field hockey games that will take place on that field,” Bernhardt added.


The basketball and track season was similar to the field hockey season for Shannon. During the basketball season, she scored a total of eight-one points, including the most important game of the year against Baldwin.


“One of my favorite moments was winning the semi-final game against Syosset that allowed us to take on our rival, Baldwin, in the county championship game,” she said. Despite not winning the game the memories of the season will stay with the girls forever.


In the spring season, Shannon’s main focus was getting ready for the upcoming field hockey season. She joined the track team to stay in shape but walked away with much more. “The sport has started to mean so much to me than just staying in shape. I’ve met so many girls that I can now call my friends and everyday spent with them is a new highlight of the season,” Bernhardt said.


On top of balancing all three sports, Shannon was able to maintain her academics. “It’s honestly easier to stay on top of homework and studying while in season because you really have to learn how to manage your time,” she said. Shannon claims it is easier to juggle three sports and homework throughout the school year. “It is the best way to train yourself to prioritize your work once you get into college.”


Athletics has always given Shannon something to look forward to at the end of the day. “I liked the idea of intense competition and being able to exercise everyday after school,” Bernhardt added. “Don’t be afraid to reach out and meet new people because sports is a great way to get to know people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise,” she said in regards to advice for future players. Shannon has met her lifelong friends throughout sports and will continue playing field hockey at Suny New Paltz while pursuing education in math or science with a minor in deaf studies.

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