NAHS Donates For The Holidays

Andrew Beck , Staff Writer

Looking for a new activity to get involved in? The National Art Honors Society, run by art teacher Mrs. Gale Domingo, may be just the club for you. It includes lots of interactive big art projects and events in which its members can participate.
MHS has lots of events going on all of the time. Mrs. Domingo, who runs NAHS, is selling children’s coloring books for $5 each for the holidays. The book sale started on December 12th and will end on December 20th just before the holidays.
All book sales are taking place in the gym lobby and in Mrs. Domingo’s classroom. Mrs. Domingo decided to donate the money received from the book sales to Winthrop Hospital’s Cancer Center For Kids.
“One kid’s piece of artwork inspired the whole idea,” Mrs. Domingo said.
She kicked off the idea by consulting with the club and it was all set to go. The club members stayed after school to create the coloring books. Each student got their own page to design, which was inspired by their concentration for AP Art.
The creation of the coloring books was definitely a really quick process. They started making the books 2-3 weeks ago, starting with making the pages.
The inspiration for the books came so quickly that students had only one week to hand in their custom coloring book page. Students worked on their pages during class time and after school during the club.
The coloring books consisted of 17 pages of different designs. One day after school, the book was put all together and it was finished and ready to sell.
To start off the book sale, Mrs. Domingo and the club had to spread the word about their new coloring books.
“I’ve had people going around to the main offices and telling people all about it,” Mrs. Domingo said.
The club even set up with The Tomahawk, the school’s morning news station, to make an announcement about the coloring books. Spreading the news was a huge part of the process.
After all this work was put into the coloring books, it was finally time to sell them. The club had created and copied about 120 coloring books in total.
They advertised and sold in the gym lobby where it was easy to locate. Many teachers and students bought the books to help support the cause.
Students bought for little siblings and teachers brough for their kids. Principal Patrick DiClemente even bought a bunch to bring to kids at local elementary schools.

After seeing the results of the book sale after a few days, it was deemed a great success. “We sold out in two days”. There are only 16 books left out of 120” Mrs. Domingo said about the sale. The club has raised a lot of money from the sales which will be donated to Winthrop Hospital’s Cancer Center For Kids. Mrs. Domingo was asked why she was donating to this organization, she said; “I’ve donated to them before, I’ve had a relationship with them in the past when we held Catch A Wave”. The book sale was very successful, and with all the proceeds the Hospital will be receiving, that money should help them to do many things
NAHS tries their best to be involved in many school sanctioned events. The club has done things such as face painting for the girls tennis team dig pink match for cancer, face painting for the language festival, face painting at the PTA picnic, and decorating and face painting for Catch A Wave. They have also raised money for art scholarships for students. NAHS likes to be actively involved and does a lot of charitable things for others.
NAHS has donated to many great causes before. Lots of the school events they did made money which was donated to an organization or group of people in need. When asked about the things that Mrs. Domingo and her club do, she said; “We commit our time to doing community service”. The club does a lot of things to give back to the community and it’s something that they work hard and enjoy to do.
To top it all off, the coloring book sales were a great success. Domingo and NAHS helped the cause they set out for and just in time for the holidays. Many books were sold and all the money received was donated to Winthrop. “We’re thrilled our idea was loved by many” Mrs. Domingo said.

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