Halftime show excites MHS crowd

October was a busy month at Massapequa High School with a spirit week that ended off with the much-anticipated Homecoming Football game against Plainview on Saturday, October 28.
The Chiefs were winning quarters one and two, and the MHS Marching Band further livened up the crowd with their performance of the Star Wars theme music. Additionally, the flag twirlers dressed as iconic characters from the movies including Darth Vader, portrayed by Sarah Lewis, and Luke Skywalker, portrayed by Renée Smestad.
“I thought [the performance] was very well done because it kept the crowd occupied,” junior marching band member Jack Abrams said. “And I personally enjoyed it ‘cause I felt that I was part of something that interested the fans which is the main goal.”
The Kickline team, the Chiefettes, also performed well, with their phenomenal dance routine that left much of the crowd in awe.
“We performed a different routine than the routine we did at pep rally, and I think the crowd liked it,” sophomore Jordan Benvenisti said. “It was an awesome way to end the season.”
The cheer squad also took to the field to show off their talents, thankfully with no accidents during the routine.
“I thought that the halftime show was very good. Everyone that was in it was very talented,” senior Alex Sipinick said.
The Halftime Show and the game excited everyone and made a perfect end to MHS’ spirit week.

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