MHS art students paint the town blue (and gold)

The Great Wall of Massapequa: The finished mural sits proudly next to the home of the Chiefs

  Collaboration between students and teachers in the art department brought another successful mural transformation on the Town Bagel wall, showcasing the talent of the upcoming graduating classes of Massapequa high school students.

    Senior Alison Keane’s winning mural design was none other than a clash of iconic chief colors and figureheads spread out across the word “Massapequa” to reflect on the trademarks of the high school. References to the impressive sports, musical, and artistic achievements can be seen throughout the design that paints a true picture to the passing cars and people as to what MHS is really all about.

“I worked very hard on it and made it the best I could”  Alison said of her winning design. “Now I get to see it all the time. It will be there even after I graduate, and it’s like leaving something I did.”

Alison created the design for her textile design class, which would later be chosen to compete against four others for the wall mural. Ultimately, Alison’s design was picked by the student body in a vote taken in English classes.

Over the course of only three days, student volunteers worked hard to put together an impressive showcase of both school spirit and artistic spirit. Under the direction of the contest winner and art teachers, the mural came to surpass expectations upon completion.

With accurate measurements and scales in mind, students enlarged the scale drawing up to proportion as a first step in undertaking a process as large as this one.

“A lot of work and preparation goes into a project like this,” art teacher Mrs. Gale Domingo said. “We make the students feel prepared enough so that a project of this scale can be completed efficiently in three days.”

Students took to bringing the design to life through the course of these three school days, contributed lots of time and hard work during the abnormally warm May weather.

Painting the mural has been a long-running tradition for MHS students, and it is planned accordingly so that every group of art students in the high school has the opportunity to work on it.

Originally starting as an anti-graffiti campaign for the wall, the project transformed into an opportunity for graduating students to leave their mark on the high school for other classes to reflect upon. Ultimately from this, the campaign turned into the success that it is today.

“We are very proud of the students’ work on the wall,” Mrs. Domingo said. “The design came out to be really great.”

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