Athletic fields get facelift: new track, new fields

Under Construction: New and improved athletic facilities set to be completed for next year

Liam Higgins, Editor-in-Chief

Massapequa High School is making some exciting new changes to many of its athletic attractions in the main campus.

Newly installed trophy cases encapsulate the accomplishments of the talented MHS athletes.

The new trophy cases showcase not only accomplishments in their respective sports, but they also include commemorations for the various athletic fundraisers for charities which Massapequa athletes have participated in.

The cases place a heavy emphasis not only on victories in the Massapequa Athletics Department, but they also show the community’s passion and unity which comes from sportsmanship.

In addition to the new trophy cases on the inside of the school, athletes and students will soon be able to use the brand new outdoor athletic facilities including a new throwing unit, new pole vault runways, a resurfaced track, as well as new tennis courts and baseball field.

The field will be resurfaced and ready for the start of the 2017-2018 school year according to Principal Mr. Patrick Diclemente.

After seeing success with the current field, we can expect to see even more wins for Massapequa High School sports teams in the future with this new and improved facility

It is estimated that the field will be ready for the mid-to-end of August, just in time for next year’s athletes to win even more awards.


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